Another Gaggy Post

Yazan: Fat Chick | 13 November 2009 | 3 Comments
Categories: Just a Fat Chick

Tweet But, this one isn’t me nominating someone else.  This one is me receiving an honor FROM someone else. Here’s what was posted about me:  And on the Non-Scale Victory front, this blogger recently found she was unable to keep her pants on. Yes indeedy, I am talking about Lanel over at Fat Chick’s Journey […]

The Gaggies

Yazan: Fat Chick | 10 November 2009 | 6 Comments
Categories: Fat Chick's Challenges, Just a Fat Chick

Tweet So I’m part of these strange bunch of GAG women (and I think some dudes too).  We get points for random challenges and probably other stuff too that I don’t know about because I mainly need this challenge to keep me on track (or remind myself when I’ve fallen off track).  Well, sometimes I […]

I guess I’m over the top

Yazan: Fat Chick | 09 October 2009 | 1 Comment
Categories: Just a Fat Chick

Tweet Cause I got an award to tell me so. So, my super supportive, awesome blogger friend Fat Ass chose to bestow an award on me.  I’m not sure if she thinks I’m too quiet or just wants to know my stance on muffins cause I don’t think I’m new around here.  But either way… […]


Yazan: Fat Chick | 11 August 2009 | 2 Comments
Categories: Just a Fat Chick

Tweet I was so surprised and excited this morning the get my first blog award.  :)  One of my favorite bloggers (and commenter) gave this to me, thanks Brooke! My instructions were simple (if you call picking 15 blogs from a reading list of 84 simple). Step 1 – Awknowledge the giver. Step 2 – […]

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