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Fat Chick, 02 January 2014, Chew On This
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For the DietBet game I’m playing we had to turn in our official weigh-in pictures yesterday. It sucked because I was at a super high, 234, which was not a nice number to see. But, this morning I’m 232.6. New Year’s Eve I went to two parties and I didn’t go on a binge but I definitely didn’t watch what I ate so, I know yesterday’s number was off due to what I ate (especially the chips), the late night and the glasses of wine and champagne. But, it was still a little encouraging.

Today was a great day, I packed my lunch yesterday and that makes all the difference. I guess I should say I packed my breakfast, lunch and snacks. I felt like I ate the entire day but I only ate what was in my bag. I came home and packed tomorrow’s food first off and put a bunch of chicken breast in the oven. I find I’m most successful if everything is premade so, now I have chicken.

Right now I’m watching tv with the puppy on my lap. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when my puppy grows up, he’s becoming quite the lapdog but he’s going to be over 60#s full grown. Oh well, he’s calm on my lap.

Unfortunately, I’m also wanting to snack. I’m not hungry but I want something, namely chips. I could eat something (if I look at my calories consumed today) but I’m not going to because I’m not hungry. I guess I have to accept that is something I struggle with.

Till tomorrow…

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