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Fat Chick, 01 January 2014, 1 comment
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May not be a lot but I went to the grocery store and packed my breakfast/lunch/snacks for tomorrow. I did some soul searching and praying and thinking through my past the last few days and determined that low carb, specifically the South Beach diet are how I’m going to go. The last time I did SBD I did very well. I had a hard time in Ph1 but that’s to be expected, it’s getting through the initial addiction. Once I conquer that I’ll focus on healthy, clean eating, long term that’s what will work. But, for now, I need to get through this processed carb and sugar addiction, because, let’s face it  that’s what it is.

So for the next two weeks the plan is low carb and water. I suck at drinking water but I will focus a lot of energy on 64 ounces (guess I need to figure out how much my water bottles hold).

As far as exercise, I’m going to be realistic right now and say I’m not going to do it. Now, before you scream let me explain. I’m going to focus on just the food and water intake and getting my house picked up. My house is a disaster. I’ll chock it up to this funk I’ve been in but I can’t take on too much at once so it’s food, water and dig out of the crap pit my house has become.

I also need some motivation and money does that for me. So, I joined a group on DietBet, it looks fun and I’m determined to win (heck, maybe this will bring in a little extra cash so I can buy some clothes).

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  1. Brooke
    02 January 2014, 11:56 AM

    baby steps!! for me, the exercise is the easiest step but we each half to do whatever works best for us.
    Brooke´s last blog post ..The Year of the Half

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